Yet Another Study Shows Hydroxychloroquine Saves Covid Patients

How Many People Did Democrats and the Media Kill with Their Lies About Hydroxychloroquine?

If you missed it, yet another major study has shown that hydroxychloroquine cuts the Bat Plague death rate by 66%.  The study was conducted by the Henry Ford Health System and published yesterday in the peer-reviewed International Journal of Infectious Diseases.

The study looked solely at the use of hydroxychloroquine for patients already hospitalized with Bat Plague.  The study did not use zinc with the hydroxychloroquine.  Other studies have shown that hydroxychloroquine is most effective when used early (before symptoms are bad enough for hospitalization) and used with zinc.  There is a strong correlation between severe ScaryVirus symptoms and zinc deficiency.

The way the drug works is to get zinc into cells, where the zinc stops virus replication.  When the drug is taken at the onset of symptoms, with zinc, it saves virtually everyone.

The study also looked at the claim that the drug can exacerbate heart conditions, and found no evidence of such a side effect.

The study’s authors say it was hard to get enough patients to test hydroxychloroquine’s effectiveness because Democrats and the media have frightened people so badly about the drug.  How many people have died because of Democrats’ and the media’s lies about this cheap, safe, effective drug?  Note that Fauci was right in there with the Democrats slinging the lies.

And there’s no excuse for their disinfo, because dozens of large studies before this one showed hydroxychloroquine was safe and effective.  The only studies that found differently were Democrats’ hoax studies based on literally fraudulent data, absurdly high doses, or ridiculously small or skewed samples.

Democrats wanted a high death rate from this virus and their brainwashed voters complied.

Hydroxychloroquine was literally banned for treatment of Covid in a number of Democrat-controlled states, including my own.  My governor should be prosecuted for manslaughter.

More on Mask Stupidity

Epidemiologist Warns You Should Be Boiling Your Masks!

An infection-control epidemiologist wonders why the well-known risks of mask-wearing are being hidden from the public.

He points to a study that showed health-care workers who wore cloth masks all day while working were 13 times more likely to get a respiratory illness.

Another study showed those who wore a paper or procedure mask were twice as likely to get some type of respiratory infection if they wore it all day.

“This shouldn’t surprise us,” Furness said. “A mask, you’re breathing on it all day long creating all this wonderful space for bacteria to multiply, and once they get to a certain quantity you start inhaling them.”

He says people are at risk of breeding drug-resistant bacteria in their masks that could be far more dangerous than Covid.  And he says mask-wearing may give people a false sense of security (which means somewhere in his subconscious, even he is aware they don’t work, though he won’t come out and say it).

This guy doesn’t seem aware of the studies showing masks don’t stop transmission of respiratory viruses.  And he admits there are no studies showing that you’re safe from inhaling bacteria below a certain number of hours of mask wearing.

But he’s so alarmed by the dangers of mask wearing that he BOILS his cloth masks between uses.  Have you been boiling your masks?  Didn’t think so.

People, learn how to be healthy.  That’s all you really need.  If you refuse to learn to be healthy, and you get China Cootie symptoms, find a doctor who will start you on hydroxychloroquine and zinc right away.

More Coronabux Coming

President Trump said yesterday that Congress is working out the final details on another Coronabux package.  The bill would send another $1200 to every American below the same income limit as last time, whether employed, unemployed, retired, beach bum, homeless meth addict, or whatever.

Trump said he’s still pushing for the payout to be more generous than $1200.  We should be paid a lot more as compensation for this fraud. $100k apiece wouldn’t be enough.

Raiders Have Delayed Charging Season Tickets Payments

“In light of the uncertainty surrounding the 2020 Las Vegas Raiders season…”

Payments had been scheduled to be processed on July 3, but have again been delayed.

21 Responses to “Yet Another Study Shows Hydroxychloroquine Saves Covid Patients”

  1. RONNY J

    Dems should be charged with Murder! IF you voted Dem, then you voted to murder. Anybody who voted for them should be charged in conspiracy to commit murder!

    Anyways what about all these fake conservatives out there requiring masks and closing down bars? All these so-called Republican governors out there closing back down bars. They are fake and not conservatives and most likely part of the conspiracy.

    Meanwhile even Trump who I thought would save this country is silent and refuses to call this virus a complete hoax and scam and refuses to publicly denounce masks and closures/re-closures. Why is he so weak? Why will he not stand up to the tyranny.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Ron, people are so dumb.

      Nobody will take the time to read a study, let alone look up studies on health and illness. People try to use logic. Everyone’s seen surgeons wearing masks on doctor TV dramas, so they must work, right?

      I saw it for 40 years in gambling. People cannot believe you should raise your bet at blackjack just because the count shows you are playing with an advantage. They can’t believe that red can hit an 11th time in a row in roulette. At poker tables, they believe in rushes and nothing can dissuade them.

      I have received countless “studies” from gamblers “proving” things that just aren’t so.

      If you’re one of the minuscule percentage of people who can actually take in data and act on it, it is a huge advantage in life.

      Watch. Any moment a poker player will show up here and tell me rushes are real.

      • Anthony Jamison

        “Watch. Any moment a poker player will show up here and tell me rushes are real.”

        Aren’t they though? Not because of any abnormal distribution of cards, but due to the psychological nature of poker. In part they exist because people believe they exist. So people playing the rush play better and create winning scenarios in spots. And those on the other end of it, feel that they are against someone on a rush and make mistakes.

  2. jj solari

    can i say something? first of all there is no bigger “this whole thiNG is a hoax” person than me. now then: this is the effing flu. If i said “Drink Diet Coke for 4 days and you will be cured of THE COVID-19 HORROR BEYOND INNSMOUTH….and you did this……and youR flu went away……you could say Diet Coke is a great COVID (et cetera) cure. And have a sort of wacky goofy idiotic kind of accuracy. If you’re a five year old. So, yeah, hydroclaustrobarbitol can be said to cure the flu. not that the flu needs curing! because if you’re not methusala with metastasizing liver&balls cancer of the scrotal fundament viscera lung-and-guts assembly……you’re probably going to get over it in a week. CAUSE IT’S THE EFFING FLU!!!!!!!! thank you. and god bless you all.

  3. RONNY J

    The problem is they are piling this FAKE NEWS virus on top of the BLM crap. The BLM is all controlled by the Democrats and is FAKE NEWS trying to destroy President Trump. Even though Trump is weak and is not standing up for conservative values (he nominated such a weak Supreme Court nominee that we are even losing there), along with not calling out the virus as a hoax, he is the best shot we currently have.

    The solution is very simple: separate but equal. Prior to de-segregation, we didn’t have all of these problems with violence and racism. Now, we are trying to force people to deny their tribal instincts to group together and adhere to natural biology, and we have riots, insurrection, violence, racism, and all kinds of problems. The solution is a return to a system that worked well for thousands of years and separate the races.


  4. Arnold Snyder

    Unconfirmed, but reliable source is hearing from staff that Venetian and Caesars will shut down again within a week or two after the July 4 weekend.

    Lack of customers.

  5. Chris

    Happy 4th of July weekend. God Bless America. I am so thankful for our freedoms and I hope one day I’ll get to enjoy them again…

    Remember the shutdown during the H1N1 pandemic a decade ago, you don’t because there was not one. The CDC did not bother counting case then, 18K deaths were only confirmed but they admitted it was probably somewhere around 284K with a low/high range between 151K-575K.

  6. Davehat

    WANTED an update on Las Vegas strippers and fireworks, but found more claims N95 masks don’t filter-out 1 μm viral water droplets (except they do). I guess there’s nothing new to report.

    – I’m traveling Socal to Vegas
    – I may not find love
    – But I can rent it for 4 minutes

    • Arnold Snyder

      Davehat, there is nothing new on strip clubs since the review I posted on the reopened Palomino, which I had to take down because it was true.

  7. Davehat

    Instead of boiling cloth masks, he should throw them away. Many don’t come with built-in filters & do nothing.
    The masks that do have filters (blue surgical or N95 masks), only need 5 days idle time (or 30 minutes in an oven). Any trapped virus will desiccate and disintegrate.

  8. Davehat

    Dr Colin Furst is NOT an epidemiologist. The University of Toronto says he dies information technology (basically programming & computer interfaces). He is not a virus expert

    • Arnold Snyder

      Davehat, it is really dumb to think that scientists must stick to their own field to be brilliant.

      The best science comes out of people bringing insights from their field to different fields and shaking them up.

      And I wouldn’t be looking for an epidemiologist to tell me whether masks are effective or not. I would be looking at someone who had done a study on masks or read hundreds of studies on masks.

      You are failing here, Davehat. You are showing that you are limited to conventional thinking.

  9. Davehat

    >We should be paid a lot more as compensation for this fraud. $100k<<<

    Or universal basic income. For example: $6000/year in Stockton California ($7500 in Finland). So far Trump has given $1200 and likely to be multiplied three times before 2020 ends (about $4000).

  10. Davehat

    Sapphire Topless Pool pushed reservations from July 3 to 10….. and now pushed again to August 1


  11. Poontang

    Hi Arnold. I seem to be having trouble seeing the latest articles. I love staying updated with your page. The wife and I hope to come back this Christmas time if things are more back to normal

    • Arnold Snyder

      Poontang, I have the same trouble and the tech guy checked the cache settings and says that’s not it.

      While we figure out what causes it, just hit Ctrl F5 to clear your browser cache and you should see the new posts.



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