You Gotta Be Frickin’ Kidding Me! Woman Charged Again for Drugging and Robbing a “John” at the Wynn

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First of all! … who the hell is taking this disgusting hag to their room in the Wynn?

Danette Colbert, 45, arrested again!

Danette Colbert, 45, was first arrested by Las Vegas police in a Jan. 17 theft at Wynn Las Vegas. She was arrested again on Saturday for the same beef.  The New Orleans woman charged with drugging this idiot and stealing $50,000 cash, a Rolex watch worth $30,000, $11,000 in casino chips, an iPhone 11, his Louis Vuitton luggage bag worth $5,000.

A man reported to police that he invited two women he met in a bar to his hotel room, according to an arrest report. He later woke up in his room with a bloody nose and discovered that his property was gone.

The victim reportedly made drinks for the women in his room. After the drinks he gave one woman $200 to leave because she was rude. The last thing he remembers, the report said, is walking the woman to the door of the room.

“He believes he may have been drugged,” police said. Ya’ think!

Police collected a urine sample from the man for testing. Las Vegas Metro said video surveillance confirmed the man’s account of going to the room with the two women. Hotel video showed authorities that one woman left about five minutes before the second suspect. Police identified the second woman on the video as Danette Colbert.

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  1. Erik d

    So glad I didn’t come across this beauty, I don’t know if I would have had the mental will power to refuse, lol. I guess beer goggles can be very strong.

    • Scott

      Erik…many of us have a weakness for blondes!

      Luckily I can’t afford the bar’s at the Wynn.

      It was my pleasure getting to meet you guys at Sapphires.



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